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  1. FloatArt London 2014 - Natasha Phipps from natasha on Vimeo.

    My Video for this years FloatArt London - an introduction to Studies of Strange Things


  2. Shop!

    I’ve finally started my much awaited etsy shop where I’m selling prints, in various sizes, of my illustrations from the project Studies of Strange Things!

    Keep an eye out for updates, new artwork and added images!



  4. Forest dumpling

    Here’s a concept I started to develop - thinking about creatures that could inhabit the forest.


  5. I made stickers for the show & now that it’s over these ones are going in my sketchbook.
    #illustration #moleskine #stickers


  6. Today my work has been featured on Design Juices, head on over & take a look ! Thanks again jthompsondesign


  7. continuing from my earlier post here are some more close ups from the show!


  8. The exhibition is up & running now until the 4th so yesterday I took the opportunity to take another look at the work we have on display, here is just some of the photos - there is just soo much to see!

    I’ve also put some up here: 


  9. The Degree Show is up and runs from opening night on Thursday the 12th June until the 4th of July!

    My space at the exhibition features my Final Major Project which is inspired by a Japanese folk tale from Lafcadio Hearn’s book Kwaidan. I’ve created 5x A1 prints, a rice paper book with pencil & ink illustrations, smaller development sketches & ink drawings, postcards and business cards.

    If you want see more of the work which is featured at our degree show: Supernova, you can also visit the site:


  10. Studies of Strange Things

    Continuing from my earlier post, here are the finished scenes. There are 5 images which will be printed on A1 cartridge paper for the end of year show and having worked on this project for the entire academic year I am looking forward to exhibition.

    I’ve taken my pencil drawings coloured them digitally, using watercolour textures that I scanned in. I also adjusted areas I wanted to highlight, add shadow or gradients to using my tablet. The watercolour textures have also enabled me more freedom adjusting the filters. I have used a lot of mono print textures in other projects - which I love, however there is always the risk of then losing your line work and with the detail I added I wanted to make sure this was not lost. 

    The opening night of the exhibition is the 12th of June, where I will display these final 5 A1 images along side some smaller studies in pencil from my earlier posts.


  11. Studies of Strange Things

    This term I have moved onto the production stage of my final major project. I have developed 5 x A1 images; 4 scenes, a title scene and a series of smaller studies in response the tale Rokuro-Kubi from Lafcadio Hearn’s Kwaidan, a book of Japanese folk tales and ghost stories. 

    The feedback from my last assessment really informed the direction I took to arrive at my final outcomes. I wanted to ensure I kept a hand drawn quality to my work. I worked with pencil and then digitally to add watercolours and textures I had scanned in. I think this worked well as the added colour has helped to break up the compositions. 

    Originally I experimented with producing Flash animations and GIF’s in Photoshop, however I felt that this hadn’t worked well. I was unable to create the immersive environment for the viewer as I had initially intended and felt restricted by my outcomes. I felt when experimenting with the GIF’s I was unable to move forward until I had all my scenes and drawings planned out. 

    I also wanted to experiment more with my illustrative style and putting pen to paper rather than experimenting with flash. I had only intended to make very small elements move and instead used this time to develop my illustrations, consider the composition, layout and scale as well as time for professional printing. 

    Having the interim exhibition really influenced my decision, where I displayed pen and ink drawings and I felt that I would benefit from having a portfolio of the 2D illustrations after graduation.

    I have also continued to produce a series of smaller pen, pencil and ink drawings throughout the year to be displayed as part of my end of year exhibition. Where I intend to show the progress I have made throughout this project and how I arrived at my final scenes from the smaller studies.

    As a whole I really enjoyed this project. I think it has worked well because I enjoyed working with narrative which has had a direct influence on my work. The context of the story also worked well for me, the idea that Lafcadio Hearn travelled to a foreign land to document folk tales and insects, inspired me to create my own alien environment focusing on the forest and mountainous landscapes described in the text. I felt inspired by this project which has helped me to develop my illustrative style, and interests, I think this project has taught me a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses and most importantly not to loose those initial hand drawn pencil marks which I often begin with.


  12. I’ve just been featured as part of Shellsuit Zombie’s Mad Skills Monday and couldn’t be happier!

    If you haven’t checked them out before you definitely should! 


    This is the first time I’ve had my work featured, and it’s a great feeling. It’s certainly bizarre to know that I’ll be finishing university, graduating this summer and knowing this is it! 

    This has certainly been a confidence boost - providing me the opportunity to pause and reflect on the past 3 years and how far I have come.


  13. Suspiria, Errol Flynn Filmhouse

    As part of the Cult Film Club in association with the University of Northampton, Errol Flynn Filmhouse will be screening Suspiria on the 30th of April!

    I submitted two designs for the Cult Film Club, including a poster for Barbarella.

    I particularly wanted to produce a piece of illustration for Suspiria as I really love the films by Dario Argento and have only just begun to explore classic italian horror over the last year or so.

    Having watched the film before, I instantly began to think about a repetitive wallpaper. I love the building used in the film for the ballet school and the colours which makes me think of the neo noir genre. 

    I began to think about the building as evil (which houses the coven) & a slow progression into insanity.

    The shapes within my own wallpaper design are inspired by the building’s style & the set designs which reference Gothic, art Nouveau and Deco influence.

    I also wanted consider a pattern with symbols that echo a more witching association. 

    Screening Dates:
    Wed 30 April 6:15pm



  14. Barbarella, Errol Flynn Filmhouse

    Erroll Flynn Filmhouse is a local movie theatre in Northampton and they have teamed up with the media department at the University of Northampton to create the Cult Cinema club - where they will screen the obscure allowing audiences to view the films you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to see at the movies.

    Erroll Flynn approached illustration and graphic design students to design a poster for the screening. During the live brief Erroll Flynn Filmhouse described t the poster design the are looking for, not necessarily obvious in it’s design but our own individual response. With the final outcome a 30 x 40 inch landscape, screen printed movie poster.

    My design was inspired by the large hair of the late 60’s. Barbarella has hair evocative of this era, the interior of her space ship is covered in fur and her very first of experiencing sex “the old way” is with an extremely hairy chested man in a fur outfit.

    Within the sprawling hair, I’ve hand drawn the type Barbarella. The screen print is in bright oranges and inspired by the colour palette of the late 60s/70s. 

    The Poster is now featured on their site along with other student responses from the course.

    The screening of Barbarella is Wed 26th March 6:15pm



  15. D&AD New Blood

    The competition brief Tell Don’t Sell, is an opportunity to ‘make your mark’ and to be open about yourself. This isn’t something i’m too comfortable with and the many questions your encouraged to ask yourself - well it’s just something I don’t consider - I’m much happier hiding behind a pen & paper. This ultimately inspired the title for my project ‘The Unfinished Conversation.’ There are a great many questions I’ve yet to ask and a conversation I’ve yet to have with myself.

    I also really adopted the idea of representing myself of some sort of creature, rather than a human being & that week I was inspired to create some sort of tentacle oddity. I couldn’t help it - I had been looking at b-movie and exploitation movie posters for my dissertation, including Ishiro Honda’s Yog Monster From Space & had been watching the original Old Boy where Oh Dae-su wants to feel alive & eats a live octopus. 

    My Illustration took the form of a squid & then captured the thoughts and quotes running through my head - which worked their way onto paper. It also started to take on a form not dissimilar to a menu, with the added chopsticks and bowl - maybe I was hungry?

    Either way I really enjoyed my approach to the project - I decided to create, not think & take influence of what inspired me in that moment. I enjoyed this more expressive creative approach - a note I took from some artist journals at the university library. I’ll have to remember this the next time I put pen to paper.

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